CQC Support and Guidance Guidance

CQC Guidance - Mandatory Training

The CQC are often asked whether they set out mandatory training requirements for GP practices – The CQC does not have a list of mandatory training for members of the GP practice team. This is because exact training requirements will depend on the role and specific responsibilities of practices and the needs of the people using the service.

Ultimately the practice is responsible for determining what mandatory, and additional, training staff need to meet the needs of their patients.

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CQC Top Tips: Merging GP Practices

View the top tips from CQC about merging GP Practices.

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CQC preparatory visits from Notts LMC - Updated March 2019

Nottinghamshire LMC can work with you to ensure that you are well prepared for any inspection.

To prepare you ahead of a CQC inspection our liaison team offer a free CQC preparatory visit based on the CQC key lines of enquiry (KLOEs).

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Nottinghamshire LMC guide to writing presentations for an inspection - Updated March 2019

Here you will find hints and tips on what to include in your 30 minute CQC presentation.

View NLMC CQC presentation tips here

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How CQC monitors, inspects and regulates NHS GP practices - Updated February 2019

View the latest document on ‘How CQC monitors, inspects and regulates NHS GP practices’ here.

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Nigel's surgery: Tips and mythbusters for GP practices - Updated February 2019

Prof Nigel Sparrow OBE is CQC’s Senior National GP Advisor.

He clears up some common myths about CQC inspections of GP and out-of-hours services and shares agreed guidance to best practice.

View here

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Claiming reimbursement of CQC fees - Updated February 2019

To submit a claim form, practices need to pay the CQC fees, then send a copy of the bill to the NHS England Area Team at DNGP.NHSE@nhs.net who will then reimburse the practice.

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GPs: information for providers - Updated November 2018

Included in this section is information for GP providers, including:

  • Guidance on care standards
  • Registration
  • Notifications
  • Inspections and monitoring
  • CQC contact details

View the information here.

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CQC inspection changes 2018 - Updated March 2018

This was taken from the LMC’s Roadshows in March 2018 with Vicky Donner, PMS Inspection Manager.

View the CQC inspection changes 2018 presentation here.

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