GP Maternity Cover - Melbourne Park Medical Centre

We are looking for a maternity locum to cover 6 sessions per week for one of our Salaried GPs who will commence her maternity leave in mid-late January 2024. We expect her to take around 12 months of maternity leave.

The advertised locum post is to cover three days per week on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On mornings, you would have 12 appointments +/- 3 ‘urgent’ slots. The morning session usually starts at 9:40am. Should you wish to start earlier the appointment template can be adjusted. The last 3 ‘urgent’ slots may or may not be filled and the consensus within the practice is that these can be booked up until 1pm. You can discuss building in “breather slots” to your appointment template with Mr R Barrass, our Practice Manager.

Each morning, you will be given your share of letters to review. We use DocmanX to highlight, action and file our letters. The admin staff will SNOMED code the letters from your highlights. There is a helpful document available outlining how we process our letters. You would effectively be acting as a filter for the letters: acting upon those that are appropriate to the GP you are covering’s usual patients, for example putting on medications, or passing them to the usual GP. Training can be made available to you, if required, in the use of DocmanX and EMIS web at your request. As our administrative systems will likely to be new to you, your Docman will be checked and feedback given, for the first month, in case there is something that we would do differently.

Visits are shared between the non-on-call doctors each day prior to 1:30 pm, after triage by the ‘on-call’ GP. There will usually be no visits on a given day for you to do, or you may be allocated a maximum of 2 visits. In our experience, any GP would rarely have 2 visits on a non-on-call day. We would generally expect you to visit usual patients for the GP you are covering.

You will be given a share of prescriptions to sign. You will be given a share of the ‘queries”’; that is acute script requests and patients who are due to have a medication review. We would expect you to action your own and the usual patients of the GP you are covering, and pass those most appropriately actioned by another usual GP to them (unless they are on leave and it cannot wait).

Evening surgeries consist of 10 appointments +/- 3 ‘urgent’ slots. The ‘urgent’ slots, if booked, are shared between the GPs sitting that afternoon. Evening surgery usually starts at 4pm with the ‘urgent’ slots able to be booked up until 6pm.

We would expect you to cover one ‘on-call’ day per week. This could be on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday depending on the monthly GP rota. The monthly rota is based on a 5-week master rota which is generally finalised around 6 weeks in advance and incorporates changes needed for annual leave/Protected Learning Time etc. If there is a ‘PLT’ (protected learning time) closure on a Tuesday afternoon (which happens 8 times a year) we would ask you to move your afternoon session to another day instead (ie. Monday or Thursday) – if this was not possible, we would deduct this from your unpaid leave allocation (see below).

‘On-call’ duties consist of visit triage, urgent appointment triage (once our ‘normal’ slots are full), urgent visits that are requested after 1:30 pm, urgent advice and prescription requests. You are required to triage the day’s radiology and lab results for any GP colleagues who are not working that day. You do not receive a share of the day’s Docman on your on-call day (though you may receive urgent tasks that way). Your morning surgery will have 11 appointments and the evening surgery 9 appointments. The additional 3 ‘urgent’ slots are filled in rotation and start with the non-on-call GPs first in the morning and the on-call GP first in the afternoon. When ‘on-call’ you would be expected to be available from 8am and to remain in the building until 6:30pm. If you are not in the building during the day (eg. 8am-9am or for lunch) you need to be readily available via mobile phone.

You would not be expected to participate in the supervision of medical students or trainees.

We would not expect you to do insurance forms, however we would give you first veto for your usual patients. We would ask that you do forms such as the ESA 113, for which we have a contractual obligation, for your usual patients. The money for private insurance forms would be paid to you; this is not pensionable.

We have a weekly clinical meeting (Tuesday) at 9:00-9:40am. We would generally expect you to attend this clinical meeting, which we find very useful to discuss cases, SEA’s, new guidance and we sometimes have external speakers. We find these meetings useful in terms of team building and sharing knowledge. We do have palliative care, MDT and nurse/HCA meetings but we would not expect you to attend these unless you wished to.

We would anticipate negotiating a flat daily rate for this post (+/- pension if required). We would agree to up to 6 full weeks (pro-rata) + 1 week of usual sessions (which can be split) of unpaid leave during the advertised duration. However, we require at least 6 weeks’ notice, so we can arrange alternative cover.

Either party would be expected to give a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice (except in unforeseen or exceptional circumstances).

We are looking for a GP who will integrate well with the clinical team, contribute to Continuing Practice Development and actively participate in the running of the practice.

• Training Practice with 4 GP Partners, 2 Salaried GPs and up to 2 GP Registrars.

• 4 Practice nurses, 1 Health Care Assistant and a Phlebotomist.

• Management Team with Administration, Secretarial and Reception support teams.

• Modern, purpose-built, leased premises (completed May 2015) which provide a pleasant, spacious and energy efficient work environment.

• CQC rated ‘Good’.

• High QOF achievers with a list size of around 8500.

• Manageable workload with a low visit rate.

• EMIS Web Clinical System with DocmanX document management software.

• No extended hours/access.

• Access to ARRS roles, including Clinical Pharmacists, Dietitian, Social Prescribers and First Contact Physiotherapists, as part of BACHS PCN.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Applications with CV and covering letter to: Mr Robert Barrass - Practice Manager

Melbourne Park Medical Centre, Aspley, Nottingham, NG8 5HL

Tel 0115 9887733 Email: nnicb-nn.c84116@nhs.net