LMC initiative launches to improve GPs' working lives

LMC initiative launches to improve GPs' working lives

A new initiative aimed at improving the working lives of GPs in Nottinghamshire is launching today.

General practice is experiencing a GP recruitment crisis as well as retention problems, as the number of GPs leaving the profession early increases. This has a direct impact on the level of patient care that can be provided..

The new GP Portfolio Plus scheme aims to support GPs in Nottinghamshire who are considering leaving general practice by helping them create a portfolio career that works for them and allows them to continue in clinical practice in Nottinghamshire.

To do this, the scheme has a small team of experienced family doctors who work directly with GPs to link them with relevant opportunities via a regularly updated online database. This database, which is available at https://www.nottinghamshirelmc.co.uk/gp-portfolio-plus/ – includes jobs, training and events.

The initiative, which has been created by Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) with support of the Urgent Care Partnership and free peer mentoring service GP-S, will also boast its own peer support network for GPs to access.

Michael Wright, chief executive of Nottinghamshire LMC and GP Portfolio Plus team member, said: “ We became aware that a number of GPs were considering exiting the profession for reasons that were possible to remedy. The traditional model of full-time working in a practice is not what a number of GPs want. This is also evident through the choices made by the majority of GP trainees as they join the workforce.

“When we surveyed our GPs, we had a number of responses that indicated an appetite to work more flexibly and remain in the profession if this could be supported. A considerable number of the responses received came from GPs in the ‘middle’ stage of their career, with a number of productive years ahead of them if they can be supported to work in different ways.

“Many women, in particular, are lost to the profession for years due to the current prescribed model of providing primary care in GP surgeries.
“The aim is to support our GPs in working more flexibly, which may mean specialising in areas of interest and us helping to find such opportunities and negotiate on their behalf to access them.

“We are also aiming to promote peer support and empower our GPs to take control of their future and to not simply be lost to the profession for lack of a different way ahead. The website is a portal in to the service to show that GP recruitment and retention is uppermost on the LMC agenda and make it easy for GPs to access support.

“This service gives individual access to a range of support, from one-to-one sessions discussing how to improve the GP’s working life, to helping with training and diversifying their ways of working. We aspire to make Nottinghamshire stand-out as a centre of excellence for GPs and have made inroads towards this aim with our core GP-S coaching and mentoring service, which has seen more than 200 GPs access it in three years of running.”

To find out more about the service visit the website

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