Supporting a Local Football Club to save lives on the pitch

This week we presented the Gedling Southbank Football Club (GSFC) with the LMC’s defibrillator along with new defib pads provided by LMC Buying Group Supplier, MidMeds.

Pictured from left to right: Michael Wright (Nottinghamshire LMC CEO), Adrian Hall (Chairman of Gedling Southbank FC), Tristram Whitman (Canoville Coaching).

The LMC had previously bought a defibrillator for its former office base but due to the change to remote working and following several fatalities on the pitch both locally and nationally, we wanted to donate it to a local sports club who could benefit from having immediate access to this life-saving machine in the event of an emergency. We appealed to our local practices to nominate a club of their choosing and selected a winner at random.

Our Chief Executive, Michael Wright, who presented the defib to GSFC Chair, Adrian Hall and football coach Tristram Whiteman on 18 November, said, ‘There have been reports of high-profile incidents of deaths in young sportspeople locally and as we no longer use our defib we feel that a local sports club could really benefit from easy access to a defibrillator.’

GSFC have expressed their gratitude for this donationand support in ensuring that athletes who may suffer cardiac arrest, have a greater chance of survival with accessibility to a nearby Defibrillator.

GSFC will be placing the defibrillator and pads at one of their main football training grounds, Arnold Hill Academy where coaches can access it in case of an emergency.