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LMC Green Group

Green Group In December 2021, the Notts LMC Green Group was created to promote green initiatives and sustainability within practices.

We meet and share learning with colleagues from the Greener Practice East Midlands to offer quick, simple changes as well as long term changes that practices can do to become greener. D

If you would like more information on the Notts LMC Green Group, please contact liaison@nottslmc.co.uk.

Green Champion Welcome Pack

The Green Group has created a Green Champion Welcome Pack which has lots of information about how your practice can ‘go green’!

Money Saving Tips Posters

General Practice Carbon Calculator

This is a free online non-clinical carbon footprint calculator for General Practices in the UK to use. The calculator measures and identifies the non-clinical greenhouse gas emission hotspots from running our practices and produces a carbon equivalent footprint. Non clinical greenhouse gas emissions accounts for about 40% of the emissions from primary care according to the Lancet, Planetary Health.

View more information and calculate your practices non-clinical carbon footprint here.

Further Support

There is a variety of support and resources available to practices wanting to improve their sustainability.

Greener Practice East Midlands
The East Midlands Greener Practice group was set up in late 2021. Their aim is to support each other in working towards more sustainable practice, sharing ideas and resources. They meet virtually every 6-8 weeks and have an optional WhatsApp group. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, just an interest in environmentally friendly working and improving patient care. All primary care staff are welcome, clinical or non-clinical, working or retired.

All Our Health elearning sessions
The All Our Health elearning sessions have been developed to provide a bite-sized introduction to the wide range of topics covered within the All Our Health framework. Within these sessions, you’ll find signposting to trusted sources of helpful evidence, guidance and support. You can dip in and out of the content as and when you need it.

Show me your meds, please
A new model of care asking a simple screening question during routine home visits by community staff provides the potential for massive reduction in medicines waste. This has subsequent environmental and cost saving benefits, along with improved individualised patient care.

Primary Care Sustainability Network
Exciting things are happening in the word of sustainable primary care but your ideas and involvement are needed. This is a place to connect with others taking forward a range of things including sustainable prescribing, improving sustainable respiratory care and lots of ideas for quality improvement in sustainability.

Sustainability in Quality Improvement
Today’s healthcare professionals are expected to do more than just deliver excellent patient care; they are also expected to contribute to improving healthcare services, using a process called Quality Improvement (QI). By embedding sustainability into quality improvement, social and environmental challenges in healthcare can be addressed as a core part of professional practice, using a recognised method for change.

Premises Checklists

The LMC Green Group has created checklists for practice premises and potential money saving changes that can be made:

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