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Phoenix Programme

J15355 Phoenix logo   stacked   RGB 300dpi The Phoenix Programme was created in early 2019 following a successful bid for system funds by LMC Chief Executive Michael Wright and former LMC member Dr Christine Johnson to set up new workforce schemes to support the transition from GP training to independent practice.

The new schemes were launched in August 2019 alongside a trainee transition teaching programme and have proved to be extremely popular and effective. The original schemes have evolved with the introduction of a national New to Practice Fellowship in August 2020 although the Phoenix Programme still co-ordinates the scheme locally.

The Phoenix Programme now runs schemes to cover all career stages:

  • Trainee Transition Scheme (GP Trainees)
  • New to Practice Fellowship (0-2 years post CCT)
  • Supporting Mentors Scheme (Mentors: Mid and Senior Career GPs; Mentees: 0-2 years CCT)
  • Trailblazer Fellowships (0-5 years post CCT)
  • Mid-Career PCN Fellowship (5-20 years post CCT)
  • Phoenix GP Leadership Programme (5-20 years post CCT)
  • Senior Career GP Fellowship (20+ years post CCT)
  • Return to Work Scheme (all career stages)

More details about these schemes plus career and wellbeing resources can be found on the Phoenix Programme’s website.

The Phoenix Programme team are happy to be contacted about issues relating to GP recruitment and retention as well as workforce support.


Tel: 0115 979 6918
Email: info@phoenixprogramme.co.uk

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