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Liaison Support

Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd can provide advice on:

  • any and every aspect of GPs’ contracts, the prevailing NHS Regulations and the SFE
  • salaried contracts
  • patient lists
  • patients records
  • practice IT
  • superannuation
  • provision of services to patients
  • ethical responsibilities
  • medico-legal issues
  • complaints and disciplinary issues
  • partnership agreements
  • business planning
  • premises leases and service charges
  • fees and certification etc.

The above list of support offered is not exhaustive.

For legal reasons Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd does not offer advice on employment issues (other than salaried GP contracts) or clinical negligence (which are the province of the BMA and medical defence organisations respectively) though we can recommend other local ‘experts’, familiar with these areas. We do not offer advice on investments or personal finances. On almost everything else, Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd should be the GP’s first port of call for advice.

Partnership advice and conciliation

Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd’s Secretariat has considerable knowledge of partnership agreements, and in the absence of any universally accepted model partnership agreement, can offer advice on specific paragraphs and issues of contention. GP partnerships are subject to occasional stresses and strains, and like marriages, often benefit from external help to avoid painful and acrimonious break-ups. Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd offers a conciliation service, through which we facilitate discussion and clarify issues, so that if a break-up is inevitable, it can be managed with a minimum of argument or disruption.

Dealing with complaints

Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd has considerable experience in advising GPs and practices on how to respond to patient complaints, and know when the assistance of other forms of support e.g. that of medical defence organisations, is required. We can also call upon the services of a number of GPs with extensive experience in advising and representing GPs faced with complaints, and, where face to face meetings with a complainant, or formal conciliation, may be required, we can nominate GPs to act as intermediaries or as independent GP advisors.

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