Pastoral Network Members

Pastoral Network Members

Our Pastoral Advisors’ main concern is to help the doctor in question, but they are mindful of their ethical obligations to ensure that patients are not put at risk. If they have a concern about the doctor continuing to work when not fit to practice, they will encourage that individual to take steps to prevent this happening, and will only refer back to the Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd office if the doctor in question fails to heed that advice.

Would you like to help?

Given the increasing pressures on GPs today, it is perhaps not surprising that the need for all forms of support and advice is increasing. If you require any further information or wish to become involved in the network please feel free to contact us.

The Network Advisors

Dr Jas Bilkhu

Position: Network Lead

Dr Jas Bilkhu established and headed a five partner practice for 27 years before moving on to a teaching and training role at the University of Nottingham. As Postgraduate Medical Dean for the East Midlands area he led a large team overseeing the postgraduate training of doctors in all specialties and allied health professionals. He chaired numerous local, regional and national committees and was Provost for the Vale of Trent faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He established and ran the world’s first Diploma in Prison Medicine which brought the education of prison doctors into mainstream medicine.

After retirement, he was invited by the Local Medical Committee to chair their Pastoral Network and the GP and Staff Education Committee, which he did for eight years. He continues to lead the Pastoral Network. He was a charter member of the Nottingham West Lions Club and has helped to raise a considerable amount for various charities over the years. He was High Sheriff for Nottinghamshire in 2015 and now a Deputy Lieutenant for the County.

Dr Mike Elliott

Dr Mike Elliott practiced first in Scotland in an urban practice and then spent 26 years in a large suburban group practice in Notts. His last three years as a Principal were spent working for the local PCG, managing initially one, then, concurrently, a second practice.

Although he retired as a GP Principal over 10 years ago, he continued working in General Practice, initially full time, until 2013. He still practices, now exclusively, as a Mental Health Act Section 12(2) approved doctor as he held a sessional post in Psychiatry for many years.

Through much of his career as a GP, Dr Elliot was involved in the various complaints procedures that accompanied the changing NHS. Latterly, he was a Standards Adviser to the GMC’s Fitness to Practice Committee, something which gave him a real insight into the stress experienced by doctors under investigation.

Dr Marilyn Horner

Dr Marilyn Horner spent 30+ years in General Practice as a partner at Castle Donington Derbyshire, as well as being an active GP trainer and Programme Director in Nottingham.

Since she retired and her children left home, she has kept in touch with doctoring by doing appraisals and being part of the mentoring schemes GP-S and the Pastoral Network.

Dr Simon Holmes

Dr Simon Holmes worked as a GP for 35 years before retiring. He has been a member of the LMC’s pastoral network for 20+ years.

He has assisted GPs via the LMC with a variety issues for 30 years. He mainly helps with complaints and regulatory matters.

Dr Naresh Sood

Dr Sood is a semi-retired GP working as a 3 sessions/week partner in his practice in Nottingham city.

He has been a GP trainer for over 30 years and is one of five GP Programme Directors for Nottingham VTS. Dr Sood is also a GP clinical tutor and GP Appraiser.

He has experience in supervising, supporting and mentoring colleagues.

Dr Sue Ward

Dr Sue Ward qualified in Liverpool and worked in the city as a GP for eight years after three years in SHO jobs.

She spent two years as a locum after her husband moved to Nottinghamshire to continue his career as a Maxillo-facial surgeon. Dr Ward worked for 22 years as a GP in Newark before retiring.