Resources for GP Registrars

Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd runs a six module training course for GP Registrars called ‘Life after VTS’ with support from GP Trainers. We also encourage those who have participated to develop an interest in the work of the LMC. We currently have a co-opted volunteer as Registrar Representative on the LMC.

Whilst registrars are in the GP part of their training programme, they are typically employed by the GP Practice directly. The GP practice then reclaims the cost of employing the trainee from HEE, often through the LETB. What the practice can reclaim is outlined in the Directions to Health Education England and there is a link to the document below. Please note that the Direction does not dictate what a trainee must receive but rather simply what a practice can reclaim should they choose to grant those payments to their trainees.

Publication of GPR Directions

The Department of Health published the Directions to Health Education England (GP Registrars) 2013 and Directions to the National Health Service Litigation Authority (GP Registrars) 2013 (Amendment) Direction 2013. These amending Directions came into force on 13 January 2014.

The amendments include:

  • the revised GP trainer’s grant previously omitted from the 2013 Directions
  • minor amendments to the table showing the GP registrar rates
  • provision for HEE to pay the shortfall to GP trainers (before 31 March 2014) in respect of the period 1 April 2013 to 13 January 2014
  • to pay the revised rate from 13 January 2014.


The Directions inform GP practice employers in the NHS (England) of the Direction to HEE and the NHS Litigation Authority concerning GP registrars. It was effective from 1 April 2013.

Please note that this is not a statement of entitlements for GP registrars when working in a practice environment as part of their training. The Directions set out what a GP practice is entitled to claim for the duration of a GP registrar’s placement, not what a GP registrar is specifically entitled to. The GP registrar pay scales can be found in annex A of Pay Circular (M&D) 2/2014.

GPC’s GP Trainees Subcommittee

The GP trainees subcommittee is a subcommittee of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC) and provides national representation for all doctors on a GP training programme. This includes all doctors in hospital or GP practice placements, BMA members and non-members.

The GP trainees subcommittee looks after all matters affecting doctors engaged in GP training; particularly training and contractual issues. The subcommittee negotiates matters of pay and terms and conditions and responds to national and Government consultations that might affect GP trainees and their training.

Maternity rights for GP Registrars
The NHS Scheme applies to doctors on a GP Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) whilst they are undertaking the hospital part of their training or when they are undertaking training in a general practice they have a contract with a lead NHS Trust who will remain their employer. Employment as a GP registrar with a general medical practitioner will count for the length of service requirements. Similarly, when doing the general practice part of the training, previous hospital service may be taken into account in determining the length of service requirements.
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