Get help if you need it

Get help if you need it

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. No one is invincible. Encourage your colleagues to seek help if they seem to be finding things difficult. They can access the NHS Confidential staff support line on 0300 131 7000, or text FRONTLINE to 85258 which is a 24-hour service.

NHS Practitioner Health

This is a free confidential self-referral telephone and consultation service for mental health and addiction. it is a service available for all doctors and dentists of any grade or specialty via their network of clinicians and therapists across the country.

You can register for this service by email, phone on 0300 0303 3000, or online.

You can also head over to the NHS Practitioner Health website for more details and other useful resources.

Doctors Common Room

Doctors Common Room is a positive place to come together, to connect and to establish a safe, containing space in which to think and reflect. It is run on Zoom twice a day for 75 mins in total and hosted by experienced practitioner health clinicians. People can join the group when they wish and there is no expectation that people will attend every group. It’s designed to be a place people can come to if and when they can. You can book your place via the Practictioner’s Health website.

Other useful resources

Text and Phone Support for NHS Staff

Text and confidential support line