Alternative Careers / GP Portfolio Plus

Alternative Careers / GP Portfolio Plus

Increasing number of doctors are looking at alternative income streams to provide variety and additional skills however the process can feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start or where to look.

GP Portfolio Plus – Notts-based programme

GP Portfolio Plus is an innovative programme brought to you from Nottinghamshire LMC designed to support and guide local GPs wishing to explore a portfolio career. We can provide a FREE bespoke package of support, coaching, training and development and help identify and match your skills and interests to the available opportunities.
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What Are Your Goals, Values and Skills?

Many doctors find themselves considering alternative or portfolio careers when they are unhappy in their current role. It is helpful to help guide you in moving forward to take some time to consider what your true values and goals are.

    A useful exercise is to list the 10 most important things you want in your ‘ideal job’ and then highlight your top three. For example, your list may include items such as salary of at least 40k, working hours of maximum 8 hours per day, colleagues you get on with, short commute, utilises your mental health or gynaecological interests etc.
    This will help you focus on things that are important to you. Then ask yourself ‘where do you want to be in five years’ time?’ and ‘how will you feel in five years if nothing changes?’, ‘What needs to happen to move you towards these goals?’
    Take a look at our section on setting goals link to section above, developing an action plan and identifying your values – get advice on this in our Time Management section.
    Mindtools has some excellent resources for thinking about your career direction and identifying your goals, skills and values.
    Take the test to analyse your skill set here
    Mindtools also has some excellent resources for thinking about your career direction and identifying your skills and values.
    In her blog, Dr Kate White advocates utilising a model that divides your skills into four key areas to help identify exactly what you want from your career:
    1. Motivated skills – skills that you enjoy and are good at
    2. Developmental skills – skills you enjoy but need improving
    3. Burn out skills – skills you are good at but do not enjoy
    4. Irrelevant skills – skills you do not enjoy and are not good at

Useful Reading

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